Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is ConsoleCrafted...
2. What is Minecraft...
3. How to download maps...
4. How to upload/submit a map...
5. What's the seed for that map...
6. How to get on community list...
7. How to apply for staff...

What is ConsoleCrafted?

-We are an amazing community source for Xbox & Playstation Map downloads, for a little game known as Minecraft. This site is designed for console edition players, however we welcome all users. You'll find build contests, forums, giveaways, "ohh" and lots of maps!!! We showcase a huge variety of maps, that either have got set in by our submission form, or that we stumbled upon and need more recognition. You can browse though tons of downloads to find what intrests you, and even search through catagorys with our filter integration! Anyways, have fun and get to downloading... ;)

What is Minecraft?

-What is Minecraft...WHAT ISN'T Minecraft? Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things, the possibility's are endless.

Minecraft is one of the most successful indie games of all time, millions of users playing it each month. It is available to play on PC, Pocket Edition (IOS & Android), and Xbox/Playstation Edition.

How to download maps (Transfer)?

-The links below will take you to a page with a Text & Voice Tutorial explaining step-by-step, on how you would go about downloading maps. Choose depending on what console you will be downloading maps for.

How Do I Upload/Submit a Map?

-In order to send a map, you must upload the file to mediafire, then you'll have to fill out the ConsoleCrafted Map Submission Form to get reviewed and possibly uploaded to the site!

What's The Seed For That Map?

-The specific seed for "x" map, will only allow you to generate the same terrain from that map to your world. The only way to get maps onto your console is to download them. For a step-by-step tutorial, refer to the "How to download maps?" section, and choose according to what console your playing on.

How To Get On Community List?

-Do you want to advertise your YouTube channel, and or build team website? Well all you have to do is request and every week or so we'll update and add users who are ACTIVE in the community. Theres no set requirements, however don't be upset if you dont get acceppted with 1-2 videos

How Do I Apply for Staff? (Forum Mods, Contest Judges, Content Producer, ect)

-To apply for ConsoleCrafted staff position you must first fill out this Application Form to get reviewed and see if you meet our requirements/openings.